Ways a Tree Can Damage a Home

Tree leaning over an apartment buildingOne of the first things a homeowner looks for when purchasing a new home is the presence of trees. Most homeowners prefer having these beautiful trees in their yard because they are aesthetically pleasing and they offer other benefits such as natural shade and cooling effect. However, no matter how wonderful it is to have trees in your yard, having them can still be dangerous at times.

If you are thinking of keeping trees in your landscape, you have to know some things that can result in them damaging your home. We have listed some of the most common ways a tree can destroy a house.

Tree Roots of Your Tree

A tree’s roots are one of the most common issues that you have to address when talking about the damage it can cause your home. Roots grow more rooted in the soil as they mature. Their root structure is so strong that it can move the ground and materials of your home to allow them to grow. Soil shifts as they grow and this can lead cause the foundation of your home to weaken if the situation continues.

Roots are not only a threat to the foundation of your home but also your pipelines. If you see water leaking in your basement, this may be because roots have made their way to your plumbing.

These issues should be addressed as soon as you learn about them to avoid more significant problems in the future. You should contact a professional tree company to handle such elaborate work because they would be able to know how to handle the situation safely.

Dead Trees

Dead trees that sit untouched in your backyard is another issue that needs attention. It can be easy to determine if a tree is dead or not. In most cases, a tree that has visible signs of cracks can mean that it is dying or is already dead. It can be caused by a storm or by old age, but you should understand that a crack in the trunk is a clear sign that the tree can topple over anytime. Although it may fall over opposite the direction of your home, it is still best to be safe. If your house gets damaged by a tree, this will cost you a hefty amount of money that you could have used for other important matters. Before a dead tree cause trouble, make sure that you have it checked by a professional.

Unwanted Guests

Trees can attract different wildlife in your property, unfortunately, even pests. Squirrels and owls are just some typical examples of animals that live off your trees. But there are more disruptive and invasive pests like termites and ants that can endanger your tree and your home. Squirrels can go over your roof through you’re your trees, and once they have access to your home, they can dig into your roof and endanger your foundation as well. It may be unnecessary to remove the entire tree to resolve the case, but trimming the branches can be a big help. However, if the tree is infested by termites and is beyond restoration, it should be removed right away.

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